DG Advisors


How to make your funds more secure?

How to make your money and use it to make money?

How to keep your assets storing of value and rising?

How to make your wealthpass on?

"DG Advisors" belongs to the DIGUO HOLDING GROUP. The headquarters of the Southeast Asian market is located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and the headquarters of China is in Hong Kong."DG Advisors" is a company that provides customized services. Our business is aimed at individuals, enterprises, banks and other demanding customers in Southeast Asian countries, providing them with a full range of customized services and value-added services.

The scope of services includes:

(1) Investment and Wealth Management

Agent for Rent or Sale Land

High-end Goods Purchasing Agency

Private Banking Services

(2) HomeServices:

Top Medical and Health

Study Abroad and Immigration

High-end Housekeeping: Filipino maids, Childcare

(3) Business Services:

Import &Export Trade Agent

Project Marketing Planning

Legal Consulting

Crisis Management& Information Consultation

(4) Leisure and Entertainment:

Private Club

Yacht Club


Customized Tourism

Hotel and Cuisine

Equestrian, Personal trainer, Suit customization, Visa, Transportation (top car, private jet), etc.

(5)Marketing promotion: 

Creative video production

Facebook Advertising promotion

Google Advertising promotion

DG Advisors | DiGuo Advisors
DG Advisors | DiGuo Advisors
DG Advisors | DiGuo Advisors
DG Advisors | DiGuo Advisors


TIME 9:00-18:00